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This video has been deleted.


Ballet in 1 Act 


Composer: Frederic Chopin

Conductor: A. Kopylov

Choreography: M. Fokin

Instrumentation: A. Glazunov

Performers: Natalia Bessmertnova, Alexander Bogatyrev & Galina Kozlova


Running time: 00:28:51

This ballet does not have a defined plot. This is a dance composition, where there are no personages, no characters. The world of visions is embodied by beautiful girls- sylphs, whose air appearance arises in the imagination of young men (the only male performer) in the world of dreaming and dreams in which the audience is immersed.


This ballet is like an animated world of fleeting visions and romantic dreams; this is how an animated music of Chopin looks like. Dance with ease and grace flows into another dance. The group spills into another group.


There are no traditional choreography techniques. The task of the ballet Chopiniana is to create a special mood in the audience. Beautiful and grace, this ballet is a real standard of spirituality and poetry.


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