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“The Jewel in the Crown of this Collection”

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Adam & Eve 1982 - Ballet in 3 Acts - Running time: 1:11:05


Composer: Andrei Petrov. Broadcast version of the ballet by Andrei Petrov ‘Creation of the World’, 

performed by the State Concert Ensemble of the USSR, “Moscow Classical Ballet”

Conductor: Alexei Vinogradov  Choreography: Natalia Kasatkina & Vladimir Vasilev

Script and Production: Natalia Kasatkina & Vladimir Vasilev  Production operator: A. Tafel

Production designer: G. Yakubovskaya  Creator: V. Voloshin

Performers: Adam Stanislav Isaev  Eve Ekaterina Maximova  Devil N. Tihomirov

Devil (female) V. Timashova  Angels V. Kuraeva, G. Lapina & O. Struzhkina

Archangels M. Vladimirov & M. Trifomov


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Andrei Petrov


Andrey Petrov was named a People's Artist of the USSR in 1980. Petrov is known for his work in various genres; he wrote a number of operas and ballets, as well as symphonic works for many classic Soviet films music. He is especially famous for his ballet Creation of the World.

Ekaterina Maximova

Prima Ballerina

Maximova was born in MoscowSoviet Union. Maximova performed with the Bolshoi Ballet from 1958 until 1980, often performing opposite her husband Vladimir Vasiliev. Maximova enjoyed her greatest successes in GiselleSpartacusDon QuixoteCinderella and The Nutcracker


"Creation of the world is the work of man and his mind. The man himself creates the world of good and evil. And it what will prevail on the earth: harmony and light, or the chaos and darkness depends only on people ".


These words composer Andrei Petrov prefaced to his score. At the heart of the play - Biblical story of Adam & Eve based on drawings by Jean Effel.


This ballet responds to the critical issue of our time – questions the boundary between permissible and desirable, protests against the threat of war and celebrates the power of man and the eternal power of motherhood.


This significant content is embodied in polyphonic cooperation of music and beautifully-choreographed themes of ballet. The show has always been accompanied by sold-out auditoriums and enthusiastic media. It has long ago become a treasure of Russian and world classic ballet. 


ADAM & EVE.png

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